Sunday, December 22, 2013

HRC source: Tim Wilson is a sceptic so shouldn’t be a freedom commissioner

The Left: censorious, vindictive, intolerant, abusive
Andrew Bolt
One Human Rights Commissioner - or senior staffer - wishes to deny employment to someone who does not hold a fashionable religious belief. This anonymous member of our morality police is speaking about Tim Wilson, the new freedom commissioner: 
He has got no relevant qualifications at all.  He has been a climate change denier, has done no law, little policy, he has an arts degree and a masters in something but he had no technical qualifications in this field at all. I would say most of the staff are better qualified than Tim is.
How is Wilson’s climate scepticism relevant to his ability to protect freedom, and especially free speech? Whoever made that gutlessly anonymous sledge is unfit to be a member of the Human Rights Commission, which seems to be treated by its denizens as a private club for the Left.
What next? A sign over the HRC door: “No Catholics or sceptics need apply”?
By the way, are Jews comfortable with a member of the HRC using the 6 million victims of the Holocaust as a prop to demonise those who simply doubt the world is warming as fast and dangerously as the likes of Al Gore claimed? I mean, “Denier”? Get some sense of proportion.  
The Human Rights Commission colludes with the Sydney Morning Herald to smear and ostracise Wilson in a way the commission would surely deplore if done to any new employee in private business: 
Tim Wilson’s appointment as human rights commissioner could lead to cuts to a program on school bullying as the Australian Human Rights Commission accommodates his six-figure salary without any extra funding from the government…

(HRC president) Professor Triggs said she and the other commissioners would meet in January to decide where cuts would come from to make room for Mr Wilson’s salary but suggested an anti-bullying program and a program on education for older Australians might be in the firing line.
I have a suggestion for Triggs. She’s very well off. Why didn’t she donate her own salary to keep those programs going? Or does she put her own comfort above the safety of poor, abused children?
Better still, of course, she could resign.
Does the Left realise how disgusting it appears in this whole episode? Censorious, vindictive, intolerant, abusive and so very threatened by someone whose agenda is simply to bring more freedom.
Marx once promised workers they could lose their chains. Now his intellectual heirs demand more of them. 

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