Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cultural Enrichment Means Taxpayer Funded Jihad

Mullah links:
NSW Counter Terrorism Squad says proceeds of crime in Australia are used to fund terrorism groups overseas

The Daily Telegraph/August 12, 2013
YOUNG Islamic extremists are committing crimes in Sydney to send money overseas to terrorist groups or to pay for their own trips to countries where they come in contact with extremists groups. 
More islamic "extremism" at Daily Telegraph

The efforts of the curry princess are bearing fruit:

Muslims get own task force in UK

Muslims murder UK soldier, get task force to protect them from backlash and islamophonia
 Members have now been told to also focus on violence against Muslims, in order to combat "all forms of extremism and violence, including extremism and violence against the Muslim communities." ...
More islamophonia at Australian News.Net

Australian Neo-Jihadist Terrorism

By Shandon Harris-Hogan

My research aimed to map and analyse the Australian neojihadist network by conducting a social network analysis. Rather than islands of non-communicating cells the analysis uncovered a small interconnected network of Australian neojihadists which transcends time and specific operations. It revealed a close, insular network of extremists connected by blood, marriage and close friendships. ...


Oz / Alloying iron with clay Attempting to Build Resilient Communities

# While permitting the growth of islam and all the baggage it brings, from demands for segregated swimming pools to halal food to wudu washers and "prayer" rooms in universities, airports; dogophobia, alcophobia, porkophobia and more

Resilient Communities
This is a place for us to share ideas about keeping communities united and resilient in the face of violent extremism.

"Sharing" means we give, they take. That is their right, by the law of allah.

Introduction to the Resilient Communities website by the Attorney-General

Upcoming events
Townsville Cultural Fest

14 August - 18 August 2013

​Cultural Fest brings the Townsville region to life with dance, food, music, arts, workshops and sports.

Townsville Cultural Fest
Multicultural Eid Festival and Fair, Fairfield, Sydney

18 August 2013

​Held annually after Ramadan, Muslims and non-Muslims from all backgrounds can enjoy a variety of food and cultural programs in a friendly family atmosphere.
Labor grants a few wishes

Taxpayers money against jihad?

By Kirsty Needham
Aug. 11, 2013
Applications for the new $4.55 million Building Multicultural Communities fund closed on June 28. Minister for Multicultural Affairs Kate Lundy has made some quick decisions, and has also started doling out the cash during the campaign - to African and Khmer communities in Adelaide, Koreans in Bennelong, and the Islamic community in Victoria. ...
More futility at The Guyra Argus

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